Friday, June 1, 2012

Busy Flipparoo Hunter, Sanguinary!

Don't panic.....

The proof of the danger of heretic christians (aka Satanafliparoos)

It may be fun to joke about the moronic idiots who do silly things in the name of some literal entity they call "Satan."  On the whole they fit a sort of quaint stereotype.  Black nail polish, mother's basement's, half-hearted cutting, and the conviction that a devil will show interest where a god definitely didn't seems to compel people to a degree of silly behavior that just provokes laughter.
But it isn't all shits and giggles.   There is an inherent danger in faith that grows exponentially when the faith is put in a symbol like Satan.  For those of us who embrace the self-responsibility and refusal to yield or kneel before others, it is hard to understand those who think in monotheistic/omnipotent terms.  It confuses us to imagine how believing in the total power of one being is any different from believing in the total power of another being?  Providing that being isn't you, does it really matter what color it wears, halo or horns, god or devil?
So then we see angry, confused people with all varying degrees and diagnosis of mental illness.  The two links above were provided by a wonderful CoS friend called Sanguinary.  Sanguinary has provided me with even more,and what I see is someone who, like me previously, watches diligently for mention of her religion in the media and is shocked and  disgusted that in 2012 anyone still buys this devil worship crap and thinks it has anything to do with the legal and responsible religion of Satanism.  These 'flipparoos are the cause.  They use our name with their Christian beliefs and heresy and confuse the mentally lazy ( ie. 8/10ths  of the human population.)
Thanks, Sanguinary.

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